Savoring Spring

The Abundant Life: Riches money can’t buy…

The abundant life enjoys all our seasons, especially spring.  

Spring has begun. During spring, the trees start budding, the flowers start blooming, and the birds start singing.

When I hear the birds sing I often remember a spring when our daughter Sherisa was four and we were living in Kentucky. We had church services in a rustic building located in a wooded area. One day when we came out of church, she lifted her hands towards heaven, twirled around slowly, and said, “The birds, the birds! Listen to the birds.” Actually, it sounded more like, “The boirds, the boirds! Listen to the boirds!” What a precious, sweet spring moment to savor!

Spring isn’t a season you want to rush through. I guess after being cooped up all winter, the tendency is to rush out and do things. Sometimes when you rush into things, you miss so much! It’s nice to slow down and reflect a bit. Spring is a wonderful time for reflection.

With spring comes a message of rebirth, renewal, and hope. We see dormant flowers start to bloom and trees budding with new growth. We hear birds singing and see more people walking in the mornings. It’s as if the whole world comes back to life.

Is it any wonder God chose this time of year for the resurrection of Jesus Christ? People witnessed his crucifixion and death. Many thought what He stood for was all gone. Yet, He rose from the grave and came to life. (1 Peter 1:3) Of course, everyday is a day to celebrate Jesus! But the rebirth of spring is a gentle reminder of one of the reasons we do.

Those who live the abundant life know this, so they slow down a bit and savor the spring season.    


…I have come that they may have life and that they

may have it more abundantly.” ~John 10:10 (KJV)

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