Taste and See

It Is Good to Be Thankful: Appreciation makes the world a better place…

Good food is meant to be savored, much like life. We can just live life, or savor it. We can endure life, or enjoy it. So much depends on us tasting and seeing that God is good and learning to trust Him. (Psalm 34:8) What we taste becomes a part of us internally.

Many times God uses analogies connected to our five senses because it’s something we can all identify with. Notice how God cleverly uses this analogy about tasting, but does not mention any specific food because all of our culinary tastes are different. Having done a bit of traveling around the world, I’ve learned that what some people love to eat, others don’t. We all have a very personal relationship with food.

Some of us are reluctant to try new foods. Even when someone admonishes us to “try it, you’ll like it,” we might refuse. We know that just because they like it doesn’t mean we will. However, this hesitancy to try something different can keep us from experiencing life to the fullest. So I usually try a little. Sometimes I’ve been pleasantly surprised. At least, if don’t like it and someone else asks me to try it, I can say, “No thanks! I already tried it.” It really irritates me when people think if you try it again, your experience will magically be different. People tend to think that if they like something, everyone should like it.

I enjoy eating foods that I know I like! Why???? Because I love to eat and I don’t want to waste precious taste buds on something I don’t enjoy. I know the purpose of food is to strengthen and nourish our bodies, but much is said in the Bible about enjoying food. We are told to eat food with gladness. (Ecclesiastes 9:7) Food was an integral part of celebrations. (Nehemiah 8:10) Christian fellowship was closely associated with “breaking bread” together. (Acts 2:46-47)

My dad loved to eat. When he got older, food did not taste as good to him anymore, even things he used to really relish. It was sad for me to see him eat and not enjoy it. I think about that when I taste something I love. Yes, we say grace for the food God provides before we eat. However, if I drink some really good fruit tea or consume a yummy crisp cobb salad or devour a mouthwatering juicy hamburger—I thank God for it. I’ll mentally say, “Dear heavenly Father, I am so enjoying this! Thank you so much!”

Taste and see! The Lord is so good to allow us to enjoy life and the food He provides.   


“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord...” ~ Psalms 92:1 (KJV)

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