Father – Hold My Hand

Happy Father's Day

Loving fathers exude an aura of protectiveness to their children.  So when toddlers are learning to walk they want to hold their father’s hand to steady their uneasy steps. 

Preschoolers tend to be a little braver so a father will demand his hand is held to keep children from wandering away, getting lost, or darting out in front of traffic.  His hand gives a sense of security. 

As children grow up and show a certain amount of wisdom they might be allowed to venture out more on their own.  Still they know that a steady hand of guidance is there when needed. 

Of course there are times when teens or young adult children think they know so much more than their father.  Eventually as they grow in maturity they realized dad knew quite a bit more than they thought.   As Tim Russet said, “The older I get, the smarter my dad seems to get.”

The Bible continually refers to God as our heavenly Father and we, as His children.  I love what Isaiah 41:13 says.  God tells us, “Fear not for I the Lord your God will hold your right hand.  I will help you.”  Like a loving Father, God holds our hand.  He guides us on our journey.  He walks with us.     

Many of us had loving fathers so it’s easy to view God as a loving father.  Some had fathers who were not loving or kind.  Perhaps they were too busy to be bothered with their children, never around or even abusive.  If that’s you, then my heart goes out to you. 

Fortunately we all have a loving father who can transcend those negative memories.  Our spiritual Father is never too busy for us.  He is always available and willing to give us His undivided attention.  His thoughts are only for our best.  He will never abandon or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) 

If you had a loving father then, be thankful.  If you didn’t then fear not!  Place your hand in your heavenly Father’s hand.  He will hold it and help you.  He will steady your uneasy steps.  He will keep you from getting lost. He will guide you.  He will calm you, comfort you, and keep you secure. Just say, “Father, hold my hand” and He will!   

Isaiah 41.13 - little girl holding father's hand   


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