The Best of All

Grandpa Dahlgren with MatthewIn my last blog I mentioned a handwritten poem my father-in-law gave me when our first child was born.  Grandpa Dahlgren has long since passed away but here’s a picture of him with our youngest child Matthew who is not so young anymore – he’s 32.  I’ve had so many requests to have the poem printed in its entirety that I decided to go ahead and put it in this blog.  Like I mentioned before I don’t know who wrote it because my copy indicated the author was Anonymous.  Anonymous has written so many clever things through the years that I would love to meet him or her one day to give credit where credit is due.  Until then I’ll just enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The Best of All

Some have bonds and some have gold

But you have a child in your arms to hold

Some have power and some have land

But you have the touch of a little hand

Some have riches and some have pride

But you have a kiss at eventide

Some have fame but you have more

The patter of feet on the bedroom floor

A dear goodnight in the darkness there

And the tender words of a little prayer

A tousled head on the bed to lay

At the ragged end of a happy day

And the light of the stars on a little face

And a darling smile that the moonbeams trace

What matter then if gold we miss

For what is gold compared to this

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